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tv   News  ABC  October 26, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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after hurricane irene. is your place on the list for places to get aid. i am charley crowson. we made it to the midweek of the workweek. let's get a check of the forecast and say hello, to meteorologist lynette charles. >> good morning. good morning charlee. yes we made it to hump day and yesterday it was absolutely gorgeous. and today's not going to be so bad but we are going to be dealing with maybe showers as we go into the afternoon. but to start off the morning we are dry and we will see increased cloud cover but maryland's most powerful radar not picking up on showers out there. looking at the big picture, the combination we are seeing the rain slide in here going throughout the day. but it's still a couple hours away. so we are going to be on the dry side this morning. right now, temperatures on the not so chilly side especially sparrows point and annapolis. you might want a light jacket. but looking at some showers coming in this afternoon. and jacket this morning and rain gear going into the
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afternoon. temperatures in the ellicott and towson are in the upper 40s. let's go over to tanya with traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. inner loop at charles street we have report of debris in the right lane. so stay to the left. just to be safe. taking a live look at our traffic cameras right now, this is the look through kateonsville. outer loop has most volume right now. it's building between 795 and edmonson starting to slow down. beltway at liberty road right in the middle of where that starts to begin as being see, the left of your screen is the outer loop. that's where the slowdown occurs right after 795 going bast old court road and hit liberty road here. drive times 83 and 95 doing fine. outer loop from bel air to providence taking you 6 to 7 minutes and outer loop between 795 and 70 that is what will teak you about 9 to 10 minutes charley. college loans in the country surpass overall credit card debts and law makeers in dc are now gearing up to hear from college students who were sick of paying what they
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considered to be endless loans. corinne redman is here with more on what's called a very big problem. corinne. >> reporter: president obama announced the accelerated pay as you earn program. it could benefit up to 1.6 million borrowers and reduce payments by a couple hundred dollars per month. college students owe 950 billion dollars in student loans. that's more than the entire credit card debt in the country. many college students are so deep in debt they are forced to move back home with mom and dad. and in fact the recent survey of this year's college graduates revealed that 85% of them will be moving back home. 5.7 million young adults from ages 25 to 34 now live at home. that's up 25% in the last four years. two major issues causing the debt college tuition is spike and new graduates unable to find work. >> you are seeing a tremendous debt which weighs down the young people especially in the economy like this where so many of them are having trouble getting on the first steps of the escalator and beginning a
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career. >> who doesn't want the american dream and i am not talking about living in a mansion. we all just want a nice paying job where we can pay our bills. >> reporter: no white house officials say they will be redirecting projected savings from a 2010 federal takeover student loans to provide the new no cost benefits to graduates buried in college debt. corinne redman, abc2 news. for more than an hour the social security numbers of thousands more 5,000 college students may have been made public according to the education official accounts that were made available at the education department loan website last month. organization is make upgrades to the site and student who logged in may have seen other students loan details. a spokesman for the department says they don't believe the information was in anyway accessed by anyone with malicious intent. we are helping to work -- to help protect you your eye dent phiity. five ways your -- identity.
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five ways your social security number can be stolen and documents that should always be sled. news around the nation this morning, police say unsatisfied customer firebombed a taco bell in albany georgia a molotov cocktail burned a section of the drive through. someone phoned to complain about the lack of meat in their chalupa and threatened to redecorate the building. detectives are look for the suspect -- looking for the suspect unhappy with the order. dash cam out of michigan. you can see a suspected drunk driver all over the road. a patrol car managed to get around the vehicle and stop in front of it. now when the car was approached by police, they found a woman behind the wheel and two children in the back seat. police say the woman's blood alcohol level was nearly 3 times the legal limit. and the miscommunication between two parents left a young ohio girl alone. she decide she would take matters into her hands she
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hopped in the family car to look for her mom but didn't make it after rolling the car or starting it and rolling it in the neighbor's yard and then called 911 telling the operator she was trying to find her mom. >> it's really dark around here and. >> okay. >> and my mom wasn't here and i miss her so much. >> it's all right. honey. mom is coming back. mom probably went look for you. -- looking for you. >> mom was rushed to an er and her dad was -- supposed to pick her up and he didn't get the message pretty good chance he is in the doghouse. it was not raining men but money in observing lahome sate across the interstate. 30 drivers stopped the cars when they saw thousands of dollars across the roadway. that dodging traffic they tried to get their hands on as many bills as they could. grab and go? >> everybody was shocked there were lots people saying they were getting new shoes and new this and that. >> now police showed up and they were handed money back from the first enterprise bank.
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20 dollars was left inside the bag and they are trying to find out who the bag's owner is. nasa performing a final check for a rocket launch that will carry us into a knee new era of scientific discovery. this is going on at vandenburg air force base in california. ol gist justin berk is live with a preview -- meteorologist justin berk is live with a preview of what to expect later this week. good morning again. >> reporter: good morning. this is so disappointing to have a communication issue and we are using skype as backup plan. this is ashton who has been up on numerous missions in space and you were just saying it takes a near miracle to get things together and here's a million parts that have to come together at same point and we are trying to get a live shot for a television station and we are work on a billion and a half dollar satellite and rocket impone. >> none of it is easy.
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-- combo. >> none of it is easy. we are uke on track for launch in -- we are on track for a launch. >> he is used to being in a spacecraft and we are in mission control i wish i could share you and i will online later on but we are about 12 miles away from the actual rocket itself. once this goes up in space, we have five instruments with about 30 some odd you know data sets. we are talking about climate and we are talking about weather instruments. what happens next? once it gets up there, people are saying what will we see andhow long can we see it? >> in cal it will take off -- in california it will take off and 8 minutes it will go 5 second around the world. >> and how long before we get the first -- >> it could be several days or a couple weeks because you have to do a lot checkouts and make the gases leaving the spacecraft don't contaminate the instruments. so but after i think a 90 day check everything should be working and we should see
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beautiful pictures. >> reporter: and maryland has a huge connection. we are responsible for measuring the climate data and we have weather data that's directly imported to the computer models. we have more coverage and we will be on tomorrow morning and online at abc 2 the launch life live on the program abc2 good morning maryland on friday morning. >> very early imho fingers -- >> fingers crossed. >> we are live and it's early in the morning now back to you in maryland. >> i am so jealous right now. i mean, a rocket launch how cool that? -- is that? how reliable is your car. consumer reports is out with the best and worst and we will let you know if your car made the final list. and it's not just the lights of the house drawing hundreds of spectators. it's the music, too. lynette start dancing: she is. trust her. it's part of the who will wean season and you are watching "good morning maryland" thanks for starting your wednesday off with us.
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and welcome back on this wednesday morning. if you sown a scion or lex os you may have one of the more reliable cars according to the commuter records acura and hondan made the list and they took problems drivers had with cars during the past year and add them up. simple math. ford falling rating are the biggest surprise. the fusion hybrid focus and fiesta -- fiesta had a rough 2008 the durango was the move the reliable large suv on the market. when you need to fill up your tank, you are talking about your stomach not your car you may want to try the top five restaurants in baltimore.
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number 5, dipisquala's. and greek food and prime rib that came in number 3. volt number 2 and number one restaurant in town is charleston all of this according to zagat's. halloween decorations at house in captain got you put your your decor to shame. look and listen. ♪ it's thriller note. & thriller nights ♪ >> and the man who lives in the house and decorated installed fiber optics from verizon is his day job he he takes a week off to install the lights saving money and going environment and using the spare time programming them all in sync with the music. the house draws a crowd of 300 or so. people standing around and watching the nightly show. the home owner says he doesn't do it for christmas. yeah. he says he is too tired after doing it for halloween and identified himself as jason. well, it's deadline day for
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the occupy baltimore movement. >> reporter: i am linda so. why the city is demanding these protesters get out where they have been occupying. >> reporter: george huguely will be back in court. what they are trying to prove about the murder he of yard lee love coming up. and showers are possible this afternoon. but more likely as we go into the night and tomorrow. how long will the rain stick around in and when will the cold air invade? all coming up. the beltway is slowing done on northwest side. 95 south through rosedale we will take a closer look when "good morning maryland" continues.
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and good wednesday charlee crowson time for your abc2 news to g linda is live downtown -- to go. linda is live downtown with the occupy baltimore protesters and corinne is following developments in the murder of a lacrosse player and snow live pictures from denver, colorado.
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and the bottom right hand of the screen you see the live reporter but it's snowing in denver. and they are expecting 6 to 12 innchts metro area but first let's go to lynette charles because don't think we have snow? >> no snow and people are not liking me to say the s word. if justin was here he would jump for joy. but i am in the middle and we will hold off the snow until it's time to get here. no snow any time soon. we are looking at temperatures into ellicott city at 50. 50s in roland park and mid-50s in mount airy. as we look at maryland's most powerful radar, we are dry, but, what we will be getting in the form of precipitation is rain possible as we go into the afternoon. so that's what we can look forward to if you want to see the wet weather. increasing clouds throughout the day. it will be mild if you like the warmer temperatures around 70 degrees. don't forget the jacket this morning an umbrella this afternoon. tanya has traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we had some debris reported on
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the interloop at charles treat not seeming to be affecting traffic too much so we are doing okay. let's look live at our traffic cameras on southwest side at frederick road. volume is doing well on outer loop with the oncoming traffic. this is the end of the this is most from 795 down to edmonton north of here. and 95 south of the beltway on the northeast side through rosedale, you can see the congestion with the southbound traffic stop and go to the 895 split. we have an accident reported in howard county and 95 north after 100 in elk ridge. back to you. it appears it may have outstayed their welcome. deadline was midnight for protesters occupying baltimore for the past few weeks. city officials want the dozens of demonstrators downtown to leave. abc2 linda so is live at white and pratt where they have beencamping out from the beginning and what is the city demanding and what are the demonstrators saying? >> reporter: well, the demonstrators say they are not going to leave. the city says it's illegal to be here overnight when the
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plaza technically closes overnight. they are asking that only two people stay overnight and only stay in one tent. the rest must leave at midnight when the plaza closes. protesters with the occupy movement have been here for three weeks now and they don't plan to leave any time soon. city police say they don't plan tone force the request right away. but still protesters are not taking any chances. you can see back out here live, they are staying. they have their food and their video games and their laptops keeping in touch with other movements going on across the country. but they say they will stay here and plan to stay overnight as well. live in downtown baltimore, linda so, abc2 news. a fire moved through a living room in a row home on north patterson park avenue. it happened a little before three this morningp medics took a man to the hospital for minor smoke inhalation. george huguely will be back in a courtroom today, the former university of virginia student facing murder charges in the death of his former girlfriend yeardley love.
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he and his defense team are trying to gain access to love's medical records and corinne redman is standing by with how that could help the defense. >> reporter: the motion was filed last week in charlotteville circuit court. his attorneys wants the medical reports because they are trying to prove she died from a irregular heartbeat. george huguely and yeardley love dated at the university of virginia. huguely is accused of entering her off campus apartment in may of 2010 and slamming her head into the wall. authorities charged him with the murder saying love died as a result of trauma caused to the head. but huguely's attorney are denying the charge saying love died of an irregular heartbeat caused from adderrall and drink alcohol. the medical records were sealed except for the prescription for the drug adderrall. trial will begin in february.
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corinne redman, abc2 news. a consumer alert, listeria outbreak linked to the tainted canteloupe claiming more lives. there are now 28 dead and the latest victims in colorado, kansas and missouri. you may recall a death was almost reported here in maryland. the canteloupes were off shelves by now but listeria can take up to two months to appear in the body. time for five things to know on this wednesday morning. as you head out the door, baltimore city mayor stephanie rawlings-blake will take part in demonstration showing how to use one of nine. >> he charging station for hybrid vehicles. and baltimore will collect polystyrene food containers next month for recycling. it is marked with the number 6 surrounded by the recycling symbol. and ken kamenetz will celebrate opening of two locally owned businessesch the breadery and ribbon cutting ceremony will be at 10 this morning. and if you a fan of harry potter, the boy wizard you
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better get your hands on the hard copies of the movies as quickly as possible. reports say the movies will be pulled from shelves after december 29th. harry potter and deathly hal lows part 2 is due out november 11th. dc film office says the movie begins shooting tuesday and scheduled to film again on saturday. pilot for the show is filmed in baltimore as a stand in for the city of washington. new for you, a push from the state come troller franchot to add financial literacy programs to the curriculum allowing elementary and middle school students to learn how to save shall spend invest and budget their money for the future. for the last two years, a bill was passed in the maryland senate cree agent the course -- creating the course. but the measure stalled in the house of delegates. we have learned three noble laureates and astronaut and senator will be in baltimore
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today. they are going to discuss plans for the james webw telescope a replica is on display outside the maryland science center and it ends the inner harbor run and closes up shop today. also new this morning baltimore city and county has been add to communities getting federal aid following irene. local governments and certain nonprofit groups can apply for the funding for emergency services related to the hurricane including debris removal and repair and replacement for roads, bridges and buildings in other facilities. under the program fema funds 75% of the eligible repair work that needs to be done. lynette. we have showers back towards the west here entering into western pennsylvania. we have the clouds on the increase as we go throughout the day. and some of the showers could come into the area as we go into the afternoon. high pressure off the coast we are getting return flow around the high. and so we will be mild going into the afternoon as well. and as we watch the tropics we still are look at hurricane reasonna and it has not moved
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any from this morning. and we are looking at winds sustained at about 100 -- 110 miles per hour. it could become a major hurricane reaching the yucatan peninsula and comes in contact with the resort there cozumel and cancun and could be impacting florida as well going into time. so hopefully it look like it might be a tropical storm. but still it could be dumping rain across the area. and also windy conditions. but, as we check out the future radar, here are the showers i am talking about going into the afternoon for today. and we will be seeing better chances as we go in through tomorrow morning. more likely your commute is going to be a little on the dicey side going and it's going to be on the dicey side coming as well. so make sure to have the rain gear. off and on showers throughout the daych the blue is indicative of snow showers across the area. and as we look at future radar on friday, things clear up a bit. so looking much better he. 70 degrees for today. and by tonight, the temperature right around 54 degrees. and rain moves in and tomorrow
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we are looking 6 3 and cooler and that rain is likely and here's a check of the 7-day forefast. we are looking at wendy -- forecast. we are looking at wendy conditions -- windy conditions thursday and into friday. by saturday very cold and we can see cool conditions heading into halloween. now i want you to eck this out. you know what, it may take some commuters in colorado a little longer to get to work. they are facing wintery conditions. the denver and boulder colorado area could see up to about a foot of snow across the area. so, wow, we are not dealing with snow. but some good news but let's send it over to tanya. >> reporter: inner loop of the beltway at 795 we have debris reported in the road there. not affecting the inner loop to the left of the screen. outer loop there is some volume on the jfx a cold spring lane it's moving pretty well right now. so surprising, but everyone is
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doing a great job on the roads. keep it up. >> all right. facebook we are asking you what would you want if you had something on your christmas list? we have five seconds what do you want? >> ipad. >> new ipad. >> you can have mine. >> thanks. >> what do you want? >> i want one too. >> iphone? >> thank you. >> we are going to new york. see you tomorrow.
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